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New collection 2011-2012: Gathering inspiration and information...

During the last few months (and the next few months) is all about creating the new collection. This is what I've been up to during the last few months (reason for the lack of updates). Gathering resources: This is where ideas starts to accumulate for the new collection. However, though you can get inspiration from all kinds of subjects, it becomes challenging to merge and filter information for it to make sense with the theme. Inspiration filtered down (condensed version): Works of Ursus Werhli (the composition of chips), Richard Long (stones) and Julian Opie (coloured blocks) -

Werhli's works is the starting point of the inspiration - conceptually. It demonstrates the notion of disassembling and re-assembling an original composition of artworks and ordinary objects. Each outcome is different from the original composition. Getting some form of construction by investigating vintage orthopaedic footwear (source: London College of Fashion Archive Collection (which stores amazing archives of vintage footwear, pattern pieces, garments, photographs and other trimmings)

Digging deeper, I had a conversation with a podiatrist in Singapore (there are misconceptions where one would think orthopaedic and podiatry are the same thing, take note, they are not the same thing (I'll get deeper into the difference next time). The output so far? This inspiration board shown below:

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