Stitch Your Own Leather Espadrille Workshop (AirBnB Experience) 

UPDATE: Send me a direct message through the contact list and we can discuss other possible dates unlisted on the AirBnB platform.

Stitch your own espadrille mules or slides. These classes run regularly on both the weekdays and weekends. Please note that you will have to be fully vaccinated to attend the workshop.

Sewing Leather
Would You Like To Learn How To Make Something From Your Own Home?

Sometimes, our creativity can thrive right at home or in front of our screens. I will be open to conducting one-on-one online classes through video-conferencing. You have a project in mind? Ask away and we can try to make it work. Meanwhile, stay tuned for possible online classes as well. 

My uncle suggested that I use this lawn
Would you like to create other types of shoes? Perhaps you would prefer to get a pair of shoes made?

Prices varies according to style and type of shoes.

Would you like to learn to create the footwear you visualise in your mind? 

Or perhaps you would prefer to get a pair of shoes made to order?

Digital shopping shoes
How about a little retail therapy instead?

You can shop for...


E-Gift Cards to Crafting Kits to Special Collaborative Products!

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Watch me on Class 95FM (Facebook Live Video) while Jean Danker stitch her own pair of Espadrille Slides!

Here's the replay of the broadcast! 

Shoe Repair Tools
Article: 'Walking With A Lighter Environmental Footprint'

Bonus reading: A special article by Melissa Zhu about the mentality of the repair culture, shopping and other environmental impacts in Singapore (under the special topic of footwear). I had the privilege to contribute in this article.