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Day at the Museum: Northampton Museum & Art Gallery (Shoe Collection)

Recently, I took a day trip to Northampton. Since I had some time after getting some leather and a pair of lasts (shoe model), we decided to visit the museum with a huge shoe collection!

Black and white syntetic platform sandal

Cypriana shoes, London 1980 - 1983

Made for 'glamour' market

Women's white plastic flip-flop

'Fruit Flops'

c. 1990

Bound foot shoes made around 1900 in China. Imagine trying to squeeze into those (it's like the size of the modern day few month old baby shoes)!

What a beauty! A drawer fill of heels!

A display full of old lasts.

Shoe for an elephant!

I tried on these pair of shoes and I must say, they were too big and heavy! Can you see the little fish inside the heel?

Another part of the room which displayed how 'criminal' shoes can be (or how much criminal evidence the authorities can obtain from just shoes).

Never thought there would be evidence of some crime just by looking at a pair of shoes hung over the telephone line...don't worry! No crime was committed at the time I was at the museum!

I must say, the visit to the museum was educational and worth a visit (plus it is free to enter)! Though the museum is small, the massive amount of shoes (only around 1,000 displayed at the rest of the 12,000 shoes are impossible to display) is enough to keep anyone occupied.

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