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A range of children's shoes 'Nautical Charm'

From my last entry, where the candy teeth amused our team mates, here is the final range done with the group project with Clarks started in January. This was one of the group project I had the most fun though at some points I was a bit tense at some points.

Here is our 'Nautical Charm' range!

Nautical Charm

Pictured: Fanny making the sole.

Too bad I don't have a picture of me making the sole. I enjoyed using the Dremel (precision drill) to make the sole as well that I came out of the classroom all white, like someone covered me with talcum powder!

My dearest prototype!

Designers and makers in the group:

Morna, Fanny, Lisa (Me), Grace, Belinda and Arathi.

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